🚂 Next stop: Central Station

Central Station is a tool from Mutual, a web design and development agency.

It lets us add extra features to our client's websites, such as cookie consents (which is probably how you've found this page).

This website doesn't store any personally identifiable information.

But what it does do is keep a record of what kinds of cookies you've consented to on one of our partner websites.

When you visit a website we generate a random number for you, and your consent settings is stored against that number. Not your name, email address, or IP address. Basically: we can't tell who gave us what consent unless they give us their random number.

If you would like to know what information about your consent is on record, please visit the website you arrived from's privacy page and get in touch with them. They'll need to know your random number which can be found on their cookies page.

Or if you have any questions about this tool, please email [email protected] 👍